Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub recipe

Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub recipe
February 1, 2019 Centuries Ahead
Himalayan pink salt body scrub

You probably already know that Himalayan pink salt is good for your health, but did you know it’s also excellent for your skin?

Himalayan pink salt is the perfect exfoliator, not too rough, not too soft – Goldilocks told us it’s just right.

Our skin is in a constant cycle of turnover. Old skin cells need to sloughed off to make way for fresh, new cells to flourish. While this is a natural process, there is nothing wrong with helping your body out by exfoliating once a week.

By exfoliating you’re helping the body remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin smoother, brighter and clearer. No more flaky, rough and dry skin for you!

Aside from helping with the body’s natural exfoliation process, using a Himalayan pink salt scrub is also an invigorating practice which can stimulate the lymph system and help your body rid itself of toxins.

As you may know already, Himalayan pink salt is full of good-for-you trace minerals, and it’s possible these little beauties can have a positive effect on your skin by using salt topically.

I’m sold! Where do I get a scrub from?

You can pick up a scrub at the supermarket or chemist, but we think it’s best to make your own. It’s cheap, easy and won’t include any nasty additives.

Centuries Ahead Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub recipe


  • 300g Himalayan Pink Salt “fine grind.”
  • 1.5 tbsp of carrier oil (you could use coconut, almond, jojoba or even olive oil!)
  • 5 drops of pure lavender essential oil (you could also use wild orange, geranium, grapefruit or another skin-safe essential oil)


  1. If your carrier oil is solid, you may need to melt it on low heat first.
  2. Add all ingredients to a bowl and stir thoroughly.
  3. Pour your scrub back into the Centuries Ahead jar and store somewhere dark (the bathroom cupboard will work).

For best results, use your scrub on dry skin BEFORE you shower. Once you’ve given your body a good scrub, rinse off being careful as your shower can become slippery.

Don’t use on sunburned skin or anywhere you have broken skin – it will sting like nothing else!


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